About Us
Falcon Shipping Co. Ltd. is 100% private incorporated company wholly owned by Sudanese entrepreneurs. As a young company established in 1980, it has rapidly gained the best reputation in the local and international markets as the most active, total and global forwarder services, providing wide range of shipping alternative of highest reliabilities and at most professionalism.

Dedicated to providing the services you prefer, Falcon Shipping Co. Ltd works as partners of its customers at all stages of cargoes handling. The provision of a highly trained personnel service is lead by highly experienced directors dedicated to provide every day solutions to match customer instructions.

When it comes to carry about cargoes, customers can be covered under a shelter of reliability and quality of the service provided by Falcon Shipping Co. Ltd. And its dedicated team of international freight forwarding and shipping agent professionals.

Focus of activities:
» International freight forwarding
» Chartering and brokerage
» Project cargo
» Logistics provider
» Protecting agent
» Steamship agent
» Stevedores

Office and facilities:
The headquarters in conveniently located in the Sudan.
The staff of the company is highly educated and has vast experience speeded on many years in the shipping industry.

Falcon Shipping Co. Ltd. Provides, up-to-date information 24 hours, 7 days a week with a continuous access from anywhere in the world together with highest standard of transportation services no matter where you are, where your cargoes moving to/ from regardless the size of business. Same philosophy will be applied for any partner as well. We believe, not only our customers, but also vendors have right to get the correct information on time.

The mission of Falcon Shipping Co. Ltd. is to offer customs, competitive pricing, timely transportation and integrated global automation, while adhering to strict quality standards.

Beyond all above, please kindly note that, Falcon Shipping Co. Ltd. is following the three main shipping lines regarding the potential of cargo handling in Port Sudan.

Agents for vessels from: all Egyptian ports, Jeddah, Aqaba, Yemen ports, U.A.E. ports, Djibouti port, Mossawa port, Lebanese ports, all Turkish ports and other port all over the world.

Members: "FIATA" Zurich, Switzerland, and THE BALTIC AND INTERNATIONAL MARITIME COUNCIL (BIMCO) Member Registration No. 100302, Copenhagen – Denmark.
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